Level 1 - Learn to surf

Beginner surf course

- Learn the basics of surfing;

- Be able to surf white water waves. 

  Max 4 people per lesson   

Who is this course for ?

What will you learn ?

This course is suitable for those at their first surf experience or for those who had already a surf experience but want to go through the basics of surfing one more time.

The small group approach (max 4 people) and our experienced surf instructors guarantees that you will have a great learning experience and you will catch a lot of waves improving faster and having fun.

The goals of the course are:

- learn the basic of surfing;

- be able to surf white water waves.

You’ll be learning in small easy waves on surrounding sand beaches and easy reef breaks where you’ll have a safe and comfortable experience.

All our classes last around 1.5/2 hours - depending on the conditions.

All our classes include theory and practice.



“If you want to learn how to surf I have to recommend Organic Surf School. Carlo is really experienced and patient surf teacher. 5 amazing days and now I can catch waves!

Thanks for everything 🤙🏻” 


—  Federico Premarini