Surf Guiding 

- Surf the best waves of the day according with your level;

- Know the best spots of Ericeira and the central coast and all their secrets;

- See yourself surfing with hight quality videos.

- Get the most out of your surf experience while you are in Portugal


  Max 4 people

Who is this for ?

What will you do ?

The surf guiding is suitable for independent intermediate surfers and advanced surfers that want to get the most out of their surf experience in Portugal, surfing always the best spots of the day according with the forecast and their level.

Depending on your surf level you can choose between intermediate surf guiding or advanced surf guiding.

The surf guiding include 2 session per day of 1,5/2 hours depending on the forecast, in the best spots of the area according with the forecast and your surf level.

If the condition are good in Ericeira we will bring you surfing the best spots of Ericeira. If the condition aren't good we can always find good waves organizing a daily surf trip throughout all the central coast of Portugal (Santa Cruz, Peniche and Lisbon coastline).

In the central coast we can find every day good waves and,thanks to our knowledge of this area and its secrets, we can guarantee you will have an amazing surf trip surfing always excellent waves.

Before paddling out we’ll explain you how the spot works and how to handle its dangers.

One session of the day is filmed with an high quality camera (Full HD 1080 60 fps) in order to be able to see yourself surfing and bring back home some amazing memories. 

We offer an optional service of video analysis if you want to push your surf to the next level.

In the water our coach we will give you some tips to help you improving your surfing and surf in safety.

After surfing we will check together the conditions for the next day and we will decide which spot to surf.  We will teach you how the spots work understanding the combination of winds, swells and tides.





Organic is what you want to find when you want to learn everything about surf. Lessons are about how to read a spot, how to surf, how to deal with hazards and have fun! Coaches do care about you, they want you to learn and be independent. It was geat, I will defo go again!


—  Luca Dallaglio