Surfskate lessons

- Improve surf technique;

- Build a long -term muscle memory; 

- Have a better balance;

- Improve your style.


  Max 4 people per lesson

Who is this course for ?

What will you learn ?

The surfskate lessons are excellent:

- For beginners as they help you improve balance and learn the right body posture to be taken on the board;

- For intermediate and advance surfers as they help you improve your surf technique, correct your mistakes, improve your stile, build a long term muscle memory and surf longer having more fun.

The small group approach (max 4 people) and the video and video analysis will help you to learn faster and improve your technique.


Practice your surfing skills  and improve your surf techniques with the surfskate will make you surf better and learn faster!

Surfskate teaches you how to learn in a playful way and will improve your surfing skills significantly. 

You will be able to use the body movement and skills learned on the surfskate immediately once on a surfboard.

The goals of the surfskate lessons are:

- Improve balance;

- Learn to adopt the right position;

- Build a long term muscle memory repeating the surf movements on the surfskate over time and allowing them to be performed without conscious effort on the surfboard;

- Improve your surfing technique identifying common mistakes and correcting them in no time.



This school is in a lot of way different from the others (I have tried a few in Portugal) ! Carlo is an amazing teacher who takes time to explain you everything about a spot before. He gives you feedback during all the lesson. I improved a lot thanks to him. I also have started a skate training with him. It helps me a lot in my maneuvers. And most important ... always having fun :-) Obrigada !!!



— Alex Sitz